This online (teleconference) seminar starts December 10, 2018, and ends Friday, December 4, and lasts 11/2 hours each day, from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm EST. The fee is $125 CAD each ($200 couple) payable through PayPal by December 7.

Register by contacting Dr. Hill at ‘’ before December 7. No refunds once registered with your contact information (email, telephone, iPhone text address). Handouts are included. Materials in the course are copyrighted.

I will present information to all participants during the first hour, and the past half hour is used for group discussion. Dial-in phone # is 1-807-473-5767.

The seminar will cover: 1. explanations of the child-loss grieving process, 2. anticipatory grief, 3. the psycho-social aspects of post-traumatic stress, 4. surviving siblings, 5. anniversary dates, 6. structural adjustments as life goes on. Followed by participant discussions.

A Certificate of Completion will be issued to each participant after the 7.5 hour program.

Thank you. Contact me at any time with questions you may have.