Massive Money Laundering Scheme: FBI is making arrests around the world


John Ivison: Trudeau always saw Wilson-Raybould as a problem to be circumvented | National Post

To their mind, she was proving equally obstructive on SNC as she was on Indigenous rights
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Yes, this sounds accurate. Redemption was always a strategy for Trudeau and he went the other way to intransigence. It has cost him dearly.

Le Denouement M. Trudeau

In government, priorities are everything. They legitimize electoral expectations and set operational goals and objectives.

Trust is lost when priorities are acted upon contrary to legal and civic standards. Leader interpretations of what is the ‘correct ‘ course of action cannot stand outside judicial rules.

It can cost you your job.

Police issue warning regarding high-risk offender now residing in city –

Thunder Bay Police have issued a public safety warning regarding Keith Thomas Currie who was released from an Alberta prison after serving a sentence for sexual offences and is now residing in the city
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Citizens take note.

Trump beats Biden when it comes to mangling his words

There has been a major focus on Democrat candidate Joe Biden’s mixed-up words in recent weeks, but US President Donald Trump is actually worse when it comes to verbal gaffes. Joe Biden is getting a hard time for slips of the tongue, especially from President Donald Trump who has implied he’s senile.
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Early signs of dementia? Or just not taking the time to think before he speaks?