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Everyone needs one.


After Australia trial, Facebook wants Canadians to upload nude pics to fight revenge porn – National |

The program allows users who want to protect themselves from ‘revenge porn,’ to share intimate images privately with Facebook and Instagram ahead of time.
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Unless you are a bona fide Naturist/Nudist and don’t give a fig who sees you nude, why do it in the first place? Or give others access?

The end of grief

After one has lost two children to SMA Type 1, and two survived, life takes on a significantly precious meaning. You move from ”zippy’ to ‘coasting’, and ever mindful of the power and frailty of human life. You move closer to that microcosm community of loyal friends, and become more philosophical and mellow about life in general, and fearful and sometimes pessimistic about life in specific (as reported in the media on a daily basis). Your surviving children are your energizers.

Wheels within wheels. Hush money for the GOP? (Ad)venture capitalism at work.

Michael Cohen, the longtime personal lawyer to President Donald Trump, negotiated a $1.6 million payment with a former Playboy model who said a top Republican donor and fundraiser impregnated her last year, the donor acknowledged Friday. Cohen handled the settlement to the woman for Elliot Broidy, a venture-capitalist, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday. Broidy…

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