The Trump Regime Is Beginning to Topple – The Atlantic

The best way to grasp the magnitude of what we’re seeing is to look for precedents abroad.
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Humpty Trumpty had a great fall, and the pieces couldn’t be reassembled, not even with Crazy Glue. As goes the lackeys, so goes the leader, after isolation becomes a nightmare.


Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 101103 (2020) – Universal Relation between Corrections to Entropy and Extremality

Perturbative corrections to general relativity alter the expressions for both the entropy of black holes and their extremality bounds. We prove a universal relation between the leading corrections to these quantities. The derivation is purely thermodynamic and the result also applies beyond the realm of gravitational systems. In scenarios where the correction to the entropy is positive, our result proves that the perturbations decrease the mass of extremal black holes, when holding all other extensive variables fixed in the comparison. This implies that the extremality relations of a wide class of black holes display weak gravity conjecture-like behavior.
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Indigenous Services minister slams police for ‘disgraceful, dehumanizing and violent act’ | The Star

Marc Miller was commenting on police conduct in two incidents this week, where Nunavut man was struck by RCMP truck and woman in New Brunswick was sho…
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Why hasn’t the media focused more specifically on police training in Canada? Obviously ‘de-escalation’ techniques should be a core program in police college training, with emphasis on ethnicity and minority groups.

Opinion: This time, the mayhem and chaos in the U.S. feels different – The Globe and Mail

The United States has known its fair share of race riots over the decades. But the latest ones, sparked by the killing of George Floyd, are being inflamed by a President who sees opportunity in discord
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