Interior officials accused of violating ethics pledge | TheHill

A government ethics group is accusing six political officials at the Interior Department of violating the Trump administration’s ethics pledge.
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Fumbling fools fulfilling false fantasies.


Irish American cardinal first ever bishop defrocked in history of Catholic Church |

Theodore E. McCarrick, an Irish American former cardinal and archbishop of Washington, has been expelled from the priesthood, marking the first time a bishop has ever been defrocked in the history of the church.
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The tip of a major iceberg.

Fact Check: Trump Said Most Drugs Don’t Come Through Ports of Entry | Time

As President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency Friday, he called assertions that most drugs that cross the U.S.-Mexico border come in through legal points of entry and that a wall wouldn’t stop the flow of illegal drugs “all a lie.”
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Making decisions.

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Social norms are set by society’s organizations and institutions. Airlines are examples. Choices always have to be made in life, such as changing your seat, changing your flight, or making the best of it.

What Is Narcissism? Inflated Sense of Self Importance

You’ve heard of the word or even used narcissism yourself. But what exactly makes someone a narcissist? What are narcissistic traits? Find out more.
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I have commented on this in previous blogs, using the POTUS as a prime example. All his public behaviour speaks to having this disorder.