Today is my new car’s first check-up in the car hospital…the dealership’s garage.

The service desk said it would take up to one and a half hours! So I’ve plied myself with ample amounts of coffee and an old banana from home. And my iPhone.

On the ‘to do’ list are: grease and oil, inspect electrical systems, brakes, all engine fluids, rotate tires, check wipers, exhaust, and doors. The service desk guy is polite but in a hurry. There are 5-6 people in line behind me. The showroom is full of new vehicle models and salespeople are everywhere. So far so good.

About two and half hours later, after struggling to finish their now old, stale coffee with powdered cream,  and after reading two more out of date magazines, I was summoned to the service desk by a very attractive young woman, only to be told by the ugly guy behind the counter that the car was ready but the bill was $175.00. For what?? It took two and a half hours to do what I could have done with my ’56 Chevy in 30 minutes! Really. And with all the modern technology they have these days. When I questioned the time and price he mumbled something about union wages, the price of oil, and being short staffed today.

I left the dealership not smiling but thinking my car better run like a Ferrari on the way home. As I was leaving, he yelled “See you after 5,000 miles!” Yeah, right. With the price of cars these days I should get free oil for 50,000 miles.