Freedom to Write and Writing for Free: when the capitalist ethic meets the altruistic ethic. I’m writing this for free because I feel my blogs may make the world a better place, in some miniscule way. I like to write. Some of us who write have to. We have bills to pay. The payoff is that money can be an incentive to continue, even when you have “writers’ block”. If we unearth the true motivation for writing however, we often find that there is some ‘purpose’ behind it other than strictly profiting financially from it. We like it because it allows us to use our knowledge and imagination for benefits beyond ourselves. There is something ‘cosmological’ about communicating with hundreds or thousands of people we don’t know or may never meet. Writing is a journey in space and time, that just might improve the human condition. I hope you enjoy the article that follows. I welcome your feedback. You can follow my blogs at, or

cropped-hpim1144.jpgThe blog Lifehacker just posted a piece entitled “Why You Should Write For Free,” in which writer Nick Douglas (on staff, note) explains when he believes writing for free is appropriate — and when it is not. The headline alone is enough to fluff me up with righteous fury, as my own, consistent refusal to […]

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