A feature of butraucratic organizations expressed effectively by Robert Merton, is “goal displacement”.  This phenomenon occurs over time as the system unwittingly adopts goals foreign to its original mission, purpose or ethos. A ‘group-think’ problem if you will 

England has suffered the consequences in recent decades of this form of ‘identity loss’, with its extensive immigration policies for example. The ‘face’ of England has changed so drastically that the people have finally had their say with the opportunistic EU Referendum. The majority have said ‘hold your horses’ to this particular policy, and ‘let’s keep what we can, while we can’ to other insidious influences poorly controlled prior to Brexit. 

Going back in time is never a useful strategy but putting constraints where they are now needed may protect from further unheaded or unaware socioeconomic and morphing causing widespread paranoia about   ‘Who I am anymore.’