“Those too stupid to follow logic and evidence are too stupid to grasp their own stupidity: so they are to be pitied” …..  a close friend

What makes me cringe, being of the social science persuasion, are people who flatter themselves by holding scientists and science generally, to blame for all toxicities to flora and fauna, humans included. 

And if that isn’t enough, these zealous spin doctors with no or anecdotal evidence only, assume all scientific endeavours are tainted by the influence of large corporations, and corrupt politicians who are puppets of corporate elites. They jump on the loudest band-wagon with the vaguest of evidence and proclaim scientists are in cahoots with these capitalists. 

If only they knew the rigorous steps it takes to go from hypothesis to grant applications to ethics committees to the field or the lab to clinical trials to get published in peer reviewed journals to production or policy…

they might re-think their rants and prejudices.