Well it’s getting close to that time. Keeping a 4,000 sq ft custom built home that you built 25 years ago, on 100 acres 35 miles from Thunder Bay, with 2 acres of lawn, large garden, huge deck, 4 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, trout stream and hiking trails – is not easy. Especially when you and your wife are over 70 and 60 respectively. Facing a new life elsewhere is taxing on one’s emotions. The wonderful memories will be hard to leave behind.

Yet, the kids have all left, friends are dying around us, and the winters seem longer, and relatives are 900 miles away or more. So why not give it up and ‘minimalize’ into a much smaller apartment/condo/house that is easier to manage, somewhere in Southwestern Ontario? It makes perfect sense, after months of agonizing about it.

So that’s the plan. And we have 8 months to prepare for it, which includes doing a lot of painting, renovating, cleaning out of the sheds, barn and basememt, and tidy-up landscaping. We also have to find a place to stay after we sell. Wish us luck!  Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers!