Silly idea?
Chess is as universal game, and has been around for many centuries. It has been a recreational pastime for most people, but has taken on epic proportions such as the Spassky-Fischer tournament. These matches took on political overtones and were followed by millions of people.
Fischer, an American, won. But it was a long and hard fought campaign.
Suppose, through the United Nations as referee or marshall, Israelis and Palestinians agreed to play a tournament to settle territorial disputes. No one would be harmed, bombed or evicted. The stakes would be a firm and irrevocable treaty. This would be set up in advance as part of the contract and jointly agreed upon. The players could be Ministers of Foreign Affairs, for example, or higher. Or they could be the top players in the country sanctioned to represent each side.
Sound good?
Send me your thoughts on this possible route to world peace.