Just because it’s unfair, it’s probably true.

But if they are 20+ DIFFERENT women, a man raises his risk of contracting STDs, etc. If culture did not prevent men from their daily desires, men could feasibly have sex twice a day for over 50 years (age 15-65). Compare that ‘natural’ inclination to the average of 1.5 actual times per week.


Men who have sex with more than 20 women bring down their risk to develop deadly prostate cancer.
Men who had, during life, had intercourse with more than 20 women lowered their risk of developing cancer by 28%, and were 19%  less likely to get the most aggressive form.

The researchers at the University of Montreal believe that intercourse protects men, and men who are more promiscuous have more sex than those in monogamous relationships.
A high frequency of ejaculations in men between 20 and 50 years old has been observed to have protective effect against prostate cancer later in life. And the researchers have obviously found that if a man has 21 women during life he will have more ejaculations, and more exhaustive ejaculations, than if he has fewer women.

Isn’t that unfair? And just because it’s unfair, it is probably true.

Previous studies show that sexual intercourse may protect…

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