Now’s the Time to Schedule Your September Screenings

Please pay attention to this article. Screening is crucial.

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September is a big month for fighting cancer. In fact, the American Cancer Society (ACS) promotes awareness for more types of cancers during this month than in any other month of the year. They are:

  • Childhood Cancer
  • Gynecologic Cancer
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Thyroid Cancer

We know that many people who read this blog are caring for seniors in their lives, and that sometimes it’s hard to put their own health first. But with all the attention these types of cancers will be getting over the next few weeks, there are a lot of good reminders to schedule a full health screening to ensure that you have your best shot at early detection — and treatment, if necessary.

Most women know the ACS’s recommendations for breast cancer screening (yearly mammograms starting at age 40, clinical breast exams about every three years for younger women, regular self-examination for…

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