This is my “Have you ever…?” series of blogs.

As a sociologist I have wide societal interests by training, but have also led a very full personal life.. What I would like to discover is what are YOUR similar or divergent experiences and interests. This collage of 25 questions that follow shouldn’t take too long to respond to. Send your answers back to me and I’ll tally them up and report the answers (anonymously) back on the next blog. Should be fascinating. Just respond like this example:  1. “Yes”, or “No”.  If you wish to comment further that is fine, but I retain editorial rights to what I include in my final analysis of your comments. Cheers! So here goes.

Have you ever…

1. Ridden a horse without a saddle for more than 10 km/6 miles?

2. Vomited in a movie theatre?

3. Watched a baby being born?

4. Played a card or board game for more than 12 hours non-stop?

5. Eaten a roasted insect?

6. Voted for your favourite candidate only to later discover he/she had a false identity?

7. Flown so high you can make out the curvature of the earth?

8. Had sex underwater?

9. Ghost written a really bad essay in college/university?

10. Driven a car for over 6 months without having car insurance?

11. Kissed a famous movie star?

12. Been embarrassed and centered out at a party because of what you wore?

13. Had to run from a bear while hiking?

14. Been pushed into a swimming pool fully dressed?

15. Built a tree-house as a kid?

16. Asked the waiter/waitress to re-cook your meal?

17. Gotten lost in the bush?

18. Played on a sports team that lost every game?

19. Smashed up your parents’ car?

20. Accidentally put something else on your toothbrush other than toothpaste?

21. Driven a car in the nude?

22. Sneezed on a cake by accident?

23. Attended a class totally blitzed?

24. Slept with strangers?

25. Fallen in love while dating someone else?