More people than ever before are practicing ‘miscegenation’, or marrying across traditional “racial” categories. Inter-marrying, if you will. This has been occurring for dozens of centuries so that now the gene pool is so diluted that the difference between a ‘white’ person and a ‘black’ person may be LESS genetically, that between two random ‘white’ people or two ‘black’ people. This gene leveling makes discrimination based on ‘race’ meaningless. 

It makes more sense, if we’re to ascribe meaning to discrimination, to base it on other factors apart from skin/hair/facial traits. Racism is a form of discrimination. But it no longer has meaning by definition. So since a “pure” race doesn’t exist anymore [if it ever did, genetically], except among those who maintain it socially in spite of the evidence, we should just drop the term from our vocabulary. Like Dodo. 

People will continue to discriminate on the basis of age, sex, religion, looks, status, etc., but the force of ‘racism’ should no longer apply. Ethnicity will then replace it, which has less negative emotional significance.

Terms that act as distancing phenomena, like ‘black’, ‘white’, will disappear of we just don’t say them. We are scientifically, and one day culturally, just people. Distancing by ‘race’ is irrelevant and meaningless.