The Trump Chronicles: is American democracy a waste of time?


Trump Lashes Out as His Election Prospects Darken | Time

As the toll of the coronavirus pandemic mounts and the economy craters, the President is punching wildly at his critics
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Pathos not praise surrounds his every move. A pathetic leader struggling with his self-imposed demons by wildly lashing out, achieving nothing.

American bureaucracy and coronavirus: Crisis exposes weaknesses – Washington Post

The government’s halting response represents chronic weaknesses and years of underinvestment, compounded by President Trump’s open hostility to the federal bureaucracy.
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There’s very little left of substance for Trump to rely on. He should be impeached for gross abuse of power over authority.

Trump’s slow-motion Friday night massacre of inspectors general – The Washington Post

The State Department’s inspector general became the latest Friday night to get the ax. And there’s a pattern forming.
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Pattern? See the number of cases. It’s a ‘removal pandemic’ that’s characteristic of a sociopathic paranoid narcissist.