How to Freelance Write for Magazines and Newspapers: A Beginner’s Guide — where the heart is

I’m in a few Facebook groups for freelance writers. I love having access to a community of resourceful, knowledgable professionals. The best thing about these groups is the support that we all give and receive.

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Our Trip 2018

Coming up soon.

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Your Third Place

Everyone needs one.

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Why Having Sex Makes You Feel Better the Next Day | Time

Sex has been linked to a longer life and a lower risk of diseases. But new research suggests it may have powerful emotional benefits, too.
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Why is this newsworthy???

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Best editing service.

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Naked Editing

No frills, no frivolous comments. Just pure and simple editing of books, articles, theses and reports.

And we’re dressed Well, mostly or most of the time.

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Expert Copyediting at Your Service, to Anywhere in the World

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For the best editing service.

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Homicide as Normal

How the media normalizes death as a spectator delight

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After Australia trial, Facebook wants Canadians to upload nude pics to fight revenge porn – National |

The program allows users who want to protect themselves from ‘revenge porn,’ to share intimate images privately with Facebook and Instagram ahead of time.
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Unless you are a bona fide Naturist/Nudist and don’t give a fig who sees you nude, why do it in the first place? Or give others access?

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Expert Confidential Copyediting.

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Expert copy editing at Proof Positive!

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The end of grief

After one has lost two children to SMA Type 1, and two survived, life takes on a significantly precious meaning. You move from ”zippy’ to ‘coasting’, and ever mindful of the power and frailty of human life. You move closer to that microcosm community of loyal friends, and become more philosophical and mellow about life in general, and fearful and sometimes pessimistic about life in specific (as reported in the media on a daily basis). Your surviving children are your energizers.

SMA Survival Guide

Is there an end to grief? Or do we just learn to conceal it better? Society believes that after a few months or even a year, parents who have lost their child won’t be grieving anymore. They are wrong.

When I spoke about this to a friend, who sadly lost her daughter to the same condition a few weeks before Sophie was diagnosed, she found that people shut her down. That suddenly nearly two years on from loosing her daughter, no one wanted to hear about her daughter anymore. As if it was so long ago that no one remembered it or understood her need to still talk about her daughter. Time moves on at an incredible pace but for parents who have lost a child, this pace seems almost to be approaching the speed of light. Every significant date takes them further from their child. Think about how you…

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Wheels within wheels. Hush money for the GOP? (Ad)venture capitalism at work.

Michael Cohen, the longtime personal lawyer to President Donald Trump, negotiated a $1.6 million payment with a former Playboy model who said a top Republican donor and fundraiser impregnated her last year, the donor acknowledged Friday. Cohen handled the settlement to the woman for Elliot Broidy, a venture-capitalist, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday. Broidy…

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Freedom to Write and Writing for Free: when the capitalist ethic meets the altruistic ethic. I’m writing this for free because I feel my blogs may make the world a better place, in some miniscule way. I like to write. Some of us who write have to. We have bills to pay. The payoff is that money can be an incentive to continue, even when you have “writers’ block”. If we unearth the true motivation for writing however, we often find that there is some ‘purpose’ behind it other than strictly profiting financially from it. We like it because it allows us to use our knowledge and imagination for benefits beyond ourselves. There is something ‘cosmological’ about communicating with hundreds or thousands of people we don’t know or may never meet. Writing is a journey in space and time, that just might improve the human condition. I hope you enjoy the article that follows. I welcome your feedback. You can follow my blogs at, or

cropped-hpim1144.jpgThe blog Lifehacker just posted a piece entitled “Why You Should Write For Free,” in which writer Nick Douglas (on staff, note) explains when he believes writing for free is appropriate — and when it is not. The headline alone is enough to fluff me up with righteous fury, as my own, consistent refusal to […]

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