The Trump Chronicles: is American democracy a waste of time?

Consulting Online in Child Loss, and in Surviving Prostate Cancer

Dr. Hill offers 1/2 hour sessions, payable through PayPal.

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Dr. Hill is a member of the Association of Applied and Clinical Sociology, and the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology.

He is a twice bereaved father and a cancer survivor, retired professor, and former senior administrator in healthcare institutions.

Former Liberal MP Raj Grewal charged with fraud and breach of trust by RCMP | The Star

RCMP allege the former MP for Brampton East took millions of dollars in personal loans without telling the federal ethics commissioner, and that he us…
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Ignorant or misleading? Neither look is good for Donald Trump after Woodward claim | The Star

Trump’s response to the coronavirus has been widely criticized, often on the basis that he failed to understand the threat. The forthcoming book Rage shows that Trump chose to downplay the risks.
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Bad advisors. Bad advice-taking. Bad outcome.

Opinion: The spymasters’ playbook: What the Gouzenko case tells us about Donald Trump – The Globe and Mail

Even while its Western allies had provided the Soviet Union with a flood of vital food supplies and war materiel to sustain their wartime partnership against Nazi Germany, Soviet intelligence agencies had run a host of spy chains targeting those same allies on myriad fronts
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This erudite summary speaks for itself, and thereby sends a beacon warning about the power of some sophisticated spy networks potentially at work now before the US election.